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・When linking to this website.
We would like page to link to at high rank hierarchy if possible. (we recommend https://www.imazo.co.jp/)
As URL except top page may perform change and deletion without notice, please check link regularly.
As it will violate right of producer to display linked screen in frame of site, I decline.
You open the other screen of browser, and please display.

Example) = <A HREF= "https://www.imazo.co.jp/" TARGET= "top"> Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd </A>

Link banner does not prepare. We recommend text link called "Imabari shipbuilding" or "Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd".
As rights such as right of likeness, copyright, advertising agency, production company pick quarrel as well as our right to have complicatedly when we divert image and photograph using on our website to homepage, as a general rule, I decline diversion.
As image is misappropriated, and problems such as right of likeness, copyright, trademark that we produced by publishing in homepages will have you cope in your responsibility, please be careful enough.

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Whenever deemed necessary, we shall change or delete the context of homepage.