Basic policy, action guideline

We grow with basic policy - shipowner –

It is underlying thought "that social contribute to by providing good ship which is useful for customer when we are required" of manufacturing and is basic policy which Imabari shipbuilding and Imabari shipbuilding group went through since the formation in 1901.
As the cause of IMAZO basic policy, good corporate citizen, we are safe, and we Imabari shipbuilding group provides ship and service that aimed at performance of best quality, best continuously and will contribute to world distribution development.

Action guideline

It is important to fulfil social responsibility as company today to continue being company trusted widely by society. In social responsibility, it is to perform operation that followed business ethics let alone each us observing laws and ordinances that become the basics. Imabari shipbuilding group action guideline showed support of judgment when we acted along law-abiding and business ethics as man of business by real normal business routine, social life concretely.

We and Imabari shipbuilding group

(1)The making of workplace with bright job satisfaction

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group observes labor-related laws and ordinances and the mind and supports ability development of people working in Imabari shipbuilding group.
  2. "We realize improvement in life of employee only after there being prosperity of company, and Imabari shipbuilding group acts as prosperity of company for improvement in achievements to realize the cause, job security and improvement of common basic spirit to be intended, and to share sense of values of the labor and management" in maintenance of working conditions and we are safe and work on the making of comfortable workplace environment that is easy to work.
  3. Imabari shipbuilding group sympathizes with IMAZO idea and gives person who continues being going to grow up chance of ability display and will go in pursuit of "equality at opportunity" to repay people whom we make use of the chance and gave result to depending on result thick "fairness of result".
  4. We do not overlook Imabari shipbuilding group without standing in thought of human being respect to respect sense of values, personality, individuality for people working in Imabari shipbuilding group, and performing unfair discrimination at all.
  5. In Imabari shipbuilding group, friend of the workplace receives discomfort by sexual harassment and power harassment and acts for the prevention so that the workplace environment does not turn worse.
  6. All the members work on us voluntarily so that the workplace environment is always security, cleanliness.
  7. We show own ability for improvement in achievements to the maximum and make the best effort and try for knowledge, skill in conjunction with duties, study of technique.

(1)Legal compliance

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group observes the domestic and foreign laws and ordinances, regulations, business practices applied to operation, the government notification, operational standard, the industry standard and acts.
  2. Imabari shipbuilding group has high outlook on ethic and moral consciousness and performs operation that true heart stayed seriously.
  3. Imabari shipbuilding group performs operation that considered not only the observance of international rule and local law but also local culture and custom, religion enough in the overseas business.
  4. We observe laws and ordinances, social norm, office rule in all scenes of duties accomplishment.
  5. We follow rules such as office regulations in the company and act. When constant procedure including request for decision and the settlement is required, we act according to official rule in the company by all means.
  6. We manage confidential information of company, information of property closely and adhere rigidly to information security.
  7. We deal with secret information of personal information and business partner which we were able to know in operation with scrupulous attention, and we disclose those information to third party without getting consent of the person concerned and do not use outside purpose.
  8. We of company is tangible, and manage intangible property appropriately, and act not to damage company. In addition, we do not use facilities or apparatus owned by company in individuals irrelevant to duties.
  9. We manage using the Internet and E-mail fairly for the purpose of having nothing to do with duties of company so that information of company does not leak out. It is all assets of company and does not use e-mail address or network system for the purpose of being personal.

(2)Trust with shipowner

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group develops technique, ship which is kind to energy saving, resource saving, the earth including environmental conservation, and they are timely, and they provide the most attractive ship to shipowner in the world.
  2. We act for security, improvement of quality in pursuit of quality at the whole company directly as well as section about production and quality control.
  3. We arrange for database, and voice of shipowner gathers to let operation reflect opinion from shipowner, request quickly, and we make use for duties improvement.

(3)We work on the purchasing

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group tries for communication that is close to business partner and builds good partnership and aims at establishment of business relationship that can plan mutual understanding and mutual prosperity based on mutual relationships of mutual trust. ・ We correspond to all business partners fairly and do not treat specific business partner disadvantageously profitably. ・ In deference to fair business relationship with business partner, we do not impose disadvantage on business partner by unfair act in light of normal business practices. ・ We manage trade secret of business partner which we were able to know in the business fairly and try for confidential maintenance.
  2. Imabari shipbuilding group provides fair and fair entry opportunity by opening with or without corporate scale, the business results for business partner where business is hoped for and, in the choice, adds to quality, cost price, technique, ability on deadline and takes general strengths such as management postures to work on continuous improvement into consideration.
  3. We take the policy mentioned above into consideration and we observe laws and ordinances and carry out faithfulness, fair procurement activity. ・ We do not pursue personal profit about compulsion of unfair business that we use viewpoint called the ordering side for business partner, ordering duties. ・ We do not receive reception, gift-giving beyond range of social courtesy concerning business partner. We do not perform.

We and society

(1)Public information

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group sends fair message appropriately for society at good time and plans improvement of corporate image. In addition, we listen to criticism, request from society and keep in mind to reflect for operation.
  2. We get healthy relations with society by opening through fair communication and aim at company loved by all people.

(2)Relations with government offices

  1. We act as Imabari shipbuilding group for the making of relations that are transparent so that it does not cause doubt and distrust from society, and are fair for politics, administration and take appropriate action according to laws and ordinances abroad let alone the country.
  2. We maintain healthy and transparent relations with politics, administration.

(3)Environmental conservation

  1. Imabari shipbuilding group tries for load reduction for environment and provides ship, service that can contribute to preservation of the global environment and aims at company which is kind to global environment.
  2. We promote effective inflection of resources and saving, classification, appropriate disposal of waste, activity for environmental conservation including recycling positively.

(4)Contribution to society

  1. In all areas performing operation, we pay more attention to social problem that each area holds and act as Imabari shipbuilding group for the solution depending on the local needs.
  2. We deepen interchange with community and try for Contribution to Society including active participation in volunteer activity.

The compliance promotion system

(1)Imabari shipbuilding group policy management room

It is intended that we promote approach to be concerned with thorough compliance (laws and ordinances, the business ethics observance) and precise correspondence to case against compliance, compliance in Imabari shipbuilding group including approach for prevention of recurrence smoothly and effectively.

(2)Approach matter

  1. Penetration of compliance awareness
  2. Reorganization of action guideline
  3. Planning, promotion of activity plan of compliance
  4. The deliberation of countermeasure to case against compliance
  5. The deliberation of countermeasure of consultation matter about compliance