Going Green

Aim for eco-friendly Shipyards

Recently, more and more social responsibility for the environment is required to the companies. Examples of our eco-friendly contributions are such as developing the vessel of low-fuel consumption, introducing solar energy generation panel in the shipbuilding yard,

and romoting a regional development project to be the greener town. We are engaging on the ecological projects and making a sustainable effort to keep the beautiful planet.

Photovoltaic Power Generation ~ To be an eco-friendly shipbuilding yard ~

We set the photovoltaic power generation panels on the roof of our offices in Marugame and Tadotcu. On the roof of Marugame Head Quarter, there are 240 panels in total, and in Tadotsu, 6,192 panels, which is the largest number in this region, which produces and supplies the electricity to the offices. Currently we are seeking for more ways to commit to go green.