For the Next Generation

For the Next Shipbuilding

Our company is not only endeavoring to make the current situation better, but also to build a brighter future of the shipbuilding industry.We are proactively engaged in the promoting activities that will make future of our industry better and more appealing.

A Shipbuilding Yard Tour and Lauching Ceremony ~ For those who will make the next generation ~

We have been holding a shipbuilding yard tour and launching ceremony for public.
The inside of the shipbuilding yard is usually a forbidden area, and it is the breathtaking experience to see the actual scene on the worksite, such as the gigantic crane moving and hanging the gigantic blocks.
On the other hand, in the launching ceremony, the visitors witness and are deeply touched by the beautiful scenery full of colorful tapes, in which the huge vessel is sliding into the ocean from the building berth. We are planning to invite more and more children to this kind of occasion for years to come and convey the attractiveness of the shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding Research Center of Imabari ~ Training of maritime engineering specialists for the next generation ~

Shipbuilding Research Center of Imabari is established to nurture the maritime engineering specialists who will lead the future of our industry. It is an "academy" to learn everything about shipbuilding, where the trainees acquire the basic techniques such as how to read the plans, or how to weld the steel welding. The trainees also aim to get the license to operate the aerial ladder truck, and pass the NK welding test during attending this academy.
Our company keeps up efforts to this technical support project, and commits to nurturing the young generation, who will support the shipbuilding industry in the future.